Following the summer budget in July 2015, the Employment Allowance increases from £2,000 per annum, to £3,000 per annum, from 6 April 2016.

This is great news for employers!

But depending on the type of company you are, you may not qualify for the Employment Allowance any longer.

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From 6 April 2016, any Payroll schemes which have just one employee – including the sole Director – then your company will no longer be eligible for the NIC Employment allowance.

So if you are a sole Director/shareholder of your Limited Company, and do not employ any other employees – then you are not entitled to this allowance.

Employers that were eligible in 2015-16 but are now not eligible tax year 2016-17 – will need to notify HMRC of this through an Employment Payment Summary (EPS) submission through their payroll.


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